Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Surgery Cancelled

Well I was at the hospital ready, willing, and sort of able, but the weather was against it. We had a storm the night before and it knocked out the electric in the area of the hospital. When I got there, they were prepping some (they were in gowns but back in the waiting room). My doctor was the first to cancel all his surgeries for the day. So back home very frustrated.

I thought I was going to have to wait till Nov 20 or Dec 4, but they found me a spot for next Tues. So here we go again and another week to wait.

Besides being frustrated, I was exhausted. So once home I called the doctor's office then took a nap. Most of the day I was out of sorts and a little lost. That happens sometimes when plans don't happen the way expected.

I did fit in another Christmas card in colored pencil. We have lost a couple of the participants, and gained one new one. So just in case of any more new additions, I will be making a few spares this week. I will also try to do some sketches for the Sketchcrawl even if from home. I won't be going on the plein air outing. I plan to do some relaxing this week and try to be stress free. Like that is going to happen with surgery pending. But at least I don't have the worry of tax classes. So I can concentrate on art.
Click here http://wetcanvas.com/Community/Projects/index.php?cmd=browse_final_all&proj_id=1138 to see all the cards I have done for the Christmas Card Project.

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Joan said...

Jeanne - You've got such a wonderful array of cards. You were so busy while I was gone. I only did the one design and am taking my painting to the printer today to have my cards made. Sorry about the surgery delay. I looked up the Sketchcrawl after you mentioned it. I don't understand where you post your sketches after they're done, or how you see what the other participants have done. I guess I'm not as computer savy as I thought.