Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mouse in the House

I am petrified of mice. I don't think they are cute, I don't care if we shouldn't kill them, I just want them gone. And now there are signs of a mouse in my home office. And what's worse that room has my computer and is also my studio. I grabbed what I would need and moved out. I won't be going back until I see a body. EEEEEK. I get the creeps just thinking that I have been in that room where he (or she as I found a lot of chewed up paper in my closet behind my clothes). I am now walking around on edge expecting the boogie man to jump out at me any time. I am nervous enough without the help of outside help.
I have read that they can come into a house thru a hole the size of a coin and can jump a foot or two. I believe the jumping part as the last one we had, jumped on the bed. Now that scares me silly. Last night I slept with the light on. Hubby is not going to like that. But I need to see if something gets on me. We did close all holes when he painted the outside but I know the doors have gaps at the bottom.
My mom used to have the same phobia. When I was a baby, she had to get over the fear as she had them in the house and wanted to protect me. I don't have kids and my dogs are on their own.
My mom now will chase them with a broom and she has even hit one with a hammer. I don't want to be that close. One ran up the inside of her pants leg. If that happens to me, you may as well bury me.
Wish us luck catching it, as I won't come home from the hospital unless I know my house is mouse free.
No new art today. I hadn't even started my Bible study questions and the study is tonight. I worked on that most of the afternoon. Maybe tomorrow will be better. but I sure miss my room.


Joan said...

Good luck finding the mouse. Luckily I only get spiders and small insects here. We visit my sister in Maine a lot, and they get bats. They also come through the tiniest holes. The bad part with bats is the chance of them being rabid. They are just too spooky for me.

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, Good luck with the mouse. It probably was scared of you, too, and left. :)

Hope all goes well for you and your operation.


Robyn said...

Jeanne - I so feel for you. Phobias are not rational but they are so real and so powerful. I have one. It's not mice but I totally understand your horror of that room until you get the all clear. My very best wishes for your good health and peace of mind. Ciao.

"JeanneG" said...

One mouse down and still trying.