Friday, October 05, 2007

Halloween/Fall ATCs

I finished two more ATCs for the fall/Halloween exchange in Drawspace. These are both in watercolor. Tonight I bought some miniature pumpkins, two orange, one green striped, one solid light green, and another with gold stripes. I plan to photo them and also draw/paint them in different combinations. Of course they may be cropped. I tend to crop things in unusual ways. I enjoy doing ATCs that have an "in your face" look to them. I like the impact of them when they are cropped and very close.
Hubby and I were doing errands most of the day. He uses his company's diesel truck and flatbed trailer to haul the senior float during homecoming game. This is about his 7th year. He started when this one group was freshman and followed them thru all their grades. Then he was going to quit but they requested him and he enjoys it so much. Now that one family whose daughter was in that freshman class, has another daughter who will be a freshman next year. That means 4 more years. She has ridden with him during the parade most of the years he has pulled the floats.

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Joan said...

I love the bright colors and the "in your face" crops. Super!!