Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another cat

I seem to be stuck on cats this week. This is one of my cousin Sheila's cats. I took the picture when we were there for Thanksgiving.

I am still trying to get my therapy set up. I don't know what the holdup is but I am still waiting. I am ready to get started on it so that I can get more motion. I will still have a limp as my ankle doesn't have much movement but at least I will have more than I do now.

I have received 10 Christmas cards from that project in Wetcanvas. They are all so nice and pretty. Such a nice way to end November.

I am planning to concentrate on getting a few things drawn/painted and framed. I have a couple small things done that need framing but I want a few different subjects all ready and framed for showing if the opportunity comes up. I also want to work towards having some items for the County fair next Sept. They have to have been done in that year so I will start planning a couple items. Not sure of the subject yet but have some time to ponder. I will probably do onsite art next year with the few who did it this year. I think most of them sold their paintings the same day they did them.


Joan said...

Jeanne, This cat is so cute!! Almost makes me wish I had a pet.

bmw100@lycos.com (Beamer) said...

That is some amazing talent you have there.