Monday, November 05, 2007

I Am Lion, Hear Me Roar!

Surgery is reset at 1:00 pm tomorrow. But I had to redo my labs about an hour ago, so hopefully those will be ok. I just hope that my potassium level is up where it should be this time.
I have been having a hard time staying awake. I sleep the night, get up and fall asleep at my computer. After doing that a few times and waking with a neck ache, I took a nap. The hospital called and woke me. At 2:30 pm, they wanted me to retake my labs. Don't know why they didn't call earlier. Anyway I got all that done and now just more wait.
My husband is happy he gets to sleep in tomorrow. Just means longer without food and water for me. And probably no dinner either. My cousin said that is a new weight loss program, no food for a couple days. lol
I also had to change my hair appt. It was set up just right if the surgery had gone off last week. (I can only wait 4 weeks between "washing that grey away"). Well I have to wait now for 6 weeks. The hair dresser may not even recognize me. My hair grows about 3/4 inch a month. I will look like a skunk with a white stripe going sideways. Nice look and for Thanksgiving holiday too.
The weekly Wetcanvas challenge was posted last night, and it was a beautiful lion. I just had to do it and only had today to get it done. Here is my drawing.


Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful work on the birds and this lion. Wow.

Take care tomorrow. Thinking of you,

Katherine said...

Jeanne - all these changes must be really exhauting for you.

You have my very best wishes tomorrow for the surgery. I very much hope all goes OK and you'll be drawing again at home with access to a computer as soon as is practicable.

If you get home before Sunday let me know and you can have your very own "congratulations on...." a new knee in the Sunday thread! ;)

(PS Don't forget to take a good sharpener into hospital. I had such a good time drawing in hospital that I sent word home that I wanted my electric sharpener brought in!)

Jeanette said...

Surgery cancellations and rescheduling is tiresome. I hope all went well today for you and you recuperate quickly.

The lion's lovely by the way. Very superior looking.

Joan said...

I hope that by the time you read this, you can look back at all of this and smile because the surgery is over. The lion is super!!

Maricello said...

Love your lion, and I hope all is well after surgery. I'm sure your hair will be lovely with a stripe. :-)
Marilyn (Marisolcello in DrawSpace)

Katherine said...

Jeanne - I just checked back to see how things are going.

I'm taking the silence as good news that the surgery went ahead. Enjoy your recuperation - it should be an excellent time to get a lot of drawing done!