Sunday, November 04, 2007


Tonight I worked on my WDE entry. I did a picture of two ravens. The reference photo was really a good one. The two birds were sitting on a wooden fence and looked like statues. I did it in graphite.
The other bird I worked on was from the Wetcanvas reference library. Photo by digigrl of a bird named Gizmo. I did that one in colored pencil. I was not happy with the background and wish I had left it out. But the position of the bird was odd and without the curtain on the left side, he would have must been hanging in the air.


Carol said...

Hi There Jeanne,
Carol_lee from WDE!!!
Love the parrot glad you left it in... great contrast to the green parrot!!!
Like your blog... I have a blog for "family stuff" but need another for my WDE projects and digital stuff...

Again hope your surgery succesful!

"JeanneG" said...

Thank you Carol.

Joan said...

Nice job on the birds! I like the background on the parrot. I planned on doing something for the WDE, but with being at Michelle's in NJ all day Sat. & part of Sun. that idea never worked.