Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Today has been a lazy day. I did do two Christmas cards in the last two days. Relatives have requested original ones this year. Not sure how many I will do and mail but I will do a few.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house. Her dad gave us some catfish he had caught and a little mini deep fryer. So hubby had to have fish last night. Pretty good even if I am not a fish person. Not fond of fish or seafood. But it was good and not greasy or fishy tasting. Pretty bad not to want the fish to taste fishy.
I will be glad when I can stop the medication. I don't like the lala land they put me in but can't stop them while I am trying to work at therapy. And that will be painful. I should be starting next week.
Now it is the hectic month before Christmas. They started playing Christmas songs just before Thanksgiving. And they are nonstop. Once in awile added in to regular music would be plenty, but no they have to saturate us in it. By the time I hear it for a month, I start hating it. It would be nice to have the saturation the week before Christmas but not a month. So for now I will not be listening to the radio much. Thankfully I have cds.

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Joan said...

I agree with you about the Christmas music. I love it, but not before December has even arrived. I'm glad you're getting some more cards made. My family is very happy to get a copy of the original painting I had printed. I have started doing some of my Scavenger Hunt items directly on blank greeting cards. Maybe eventually I'll have enough to stop shopping for cards for every holiday or celebration.