Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after

Well today is the day after Christmas. A day of sadness but a day of renewal. Today the few decorations I put up, will come down. I usually do that Christmas Day night. But I wasn't feeling well last night.

I think my leg has an infection. The scar is all healed but the infection is under the skin. The leg is really red and has been for several days. But try to get to a doctor during a holiday. And I didn't feel like sitting in the emergency ward for hours waiting to be seen.

I have been taking a few of my hubby's antibiotics, using ice then heat packs. And keeping the leg elevated as much as possible. But today I will call the doctor and hopefully see him. Get some antibiotics of my own.

The leg is sore to the touch which is uncomfortable. And I have been having chills and then hot flashes. I will feel better once I have seen the doctor.

Well I hope everyone's Christmas was very nice, and safe. We had Christmas dinner at hubby's sister's house. Just 4 of us but a very nice dinner. She served prime rib and tried out some new online recipes for vegetables. The cream corn was to die for. We got some leftovers to bring home and a care package of goodies she had made. Fudge and coconut macaroons. Yum. Hubby's brother and his wife and grandson stopped by later so we had a very nice visit.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law Are health nuts. They take vitamins and watch what they eat. But these two have a verrrrrrry fat cat named Tommy. Well as we sat and ate dinner, Tommy decided he wasn't getting enough attention. He nipped my leg just at the crease of the knee (thankfully my good knee). They said he usually reserves those bites for just the two of them. I guess I am officially family in his site. Before the night was over, I was the recipient of two of those badges of honor. Quite a character. Really a sweet cat. Quite roly-poly. And he just gloats in satisfaction when you scratch his back or his stomach. When I get a yearning to have another cat, I get my fix at their house.

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Joan said...

I know from your comments in the Scavenger Hunt that you saw the doctor. I hope the antibiotics knock the infection out quickly. It sounds like you had a nice Christmas. We had a lovely time at my sister's house, but it is nice to be home among my own things. We ate all kinds of goodies. My sister is good at making all the traditional Christmas fare we always had, so I got to help make my mother's recipe for Polish pierogis that we always have on Christmas eve. Yum! I'd better get back on my diet quickly.