Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scavenger Hunt #66

It is my turn this week to host the Scavenger Hunt. We are at #66. Who woulda thought we would have this many done. Now I am anxious to get to #100. I worked on some sketches for the hunt today. I am farther along than I have gotten in the last few hunts. I finished number 10.

I didn't feel too perky today so I slept quite a lot. It is nice to be able to be lazy once in awhile. Hubby is out of town tonight for work, so I didn't have anything that had to get done. So it didn't. I am trying to take less medication as I am almost out of pills. I don't know if my prescription will be renewed but hope so. I am trying to stretch them out, so the leg was a little achey today.

Yesterday I finished up addressing my Christmas cards for family and friends. Mailed them out today. A few were handmade but most were from the store. After the Christmas Card Exchange Project, I didn't have it in me to do that many more originals.

The dogs are a little pesky tonight. Maybe missing their papa. But Penny keeps coming to me and waiting for me to figure out what she wants. They have been fed, pottied, and petted. Beats me what she wants now. Just my attenction I guess.


Joan said...

I think Penny just wants your attention. She must still remember when you were gone. How is the pt coming along?

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, That is the way our daughter's doggies do with her. You were missed!

Take care of yourself. I'm enjoying your sketches as always, love that purple lamp! You are about purple the way I am about blue .. and red.