Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Connie

I made a birthday card today for one of the teens across the street. I used a reference photo that I took at their next door neighbor's house of one of her roses. Connie's favorite color is pink. You would know that if you saw her bedroom. It is painted hot pink. I used colored pencil and pen and ink on a blank greeting card. And "Happy birthday" she gets to clean my house this evening.

Hubby decided it was time for more deep fried fish. He went to Costco today. On a Sunday. And on a day right after the first of the month which is really bad. People coming from the woodwork.

I am usually the one who goes alone and has to deal with all the buying, loading, unloading, and putting away. This time it was his turn. But he did it after working today. So he is really tired. Now he is also doing the cooking. When my uncle gave him the little deep fryer, he made a monster. I am trying to lose some weight and hubby is frying.

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Joan said...

Jeanne - He's frying but his intentions are good. My husband would fry anything that walked past him. That's a lovely card for Connie. I'm sure she'll love it.