Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scavenger Hunt #67

Well we are in the middle of Hunt #67. I have done more items on this hunt than any for the last couple months or so. Feels good.

I had to call the veterinarian today. My cockatiel was laying on her stomach on the wire at the bottom of her cage. She was perching at night, eating just fine, and jumping up and chasing us when we came near her cage. But I didn't want to let her get sick.

The vet said to wrap saran wrap around 3 sides of her cage and put a heating pat on medium under the bottom. He said this time of year they get cold. I keep a towel around the sides and back during the day and cover the front at night, but apparantly this year it wasn't working good enough to keep her warm.

Since I did what the vet said, she has been on her perch and singing and carrying on all evening. Poor little thing was just cold. I need to be a better mama.


Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, what a sad, sweet story. Glad the bird is better and hope you are recovering quickly yourself.

Here is a warm hug for you.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Jo.