Thursday, July 24, 2008

Down Time

My phone and internet was interrupted yesterday afternoon. I spent most of the time trying to figure out if the problem was on my end. I was told to unplug everything connected to the phone line, wait 10 minutes and then plug in a phone that is not wireless. Like everyone still has one of those. Well nothing worked. No phone, no internet.

About noon today two service trucks arrived. One was called by me, another by my neighbor (3 houses were without service.) After about an hour and a half, and a lot of talking between themselves, we had service again.

My neighbor did tell me the day before a man was up on the phone pole working. After that, we had nothing. But he disappeared before we found out.

Later this afternoon, there was another man on the pole. After I watched him and heard him repeating numbers to a man on the ground, I asked if he worked for the phone company (as opposed to the cable company). He was a phone company employee. I asked if he was going to mess up the line again not knowing he was the original pole sitter. He apologized and said he was repairing the mess he made the day before. I told him I wasn't concerned with the phone (I had my cell phone), but didn't like being without my internet.

So after a quiet night with no connection, I have been online today trying to catch up.

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Ai said...

Jeanne, I am glad you got everything back up and running.