Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plein air Wednesday

Tomorrow is plein air day. We will visit a local park which has a small lake, many kinds of birds, ducks, geese, trees, mountains, and the river. Very shady which is the reason we go there often in the summer.

We meet by the closed snack bar that faces the lake. It is so nice to sit there and just watch the ducks. The place we usually park is the favorite spot for 3 ducks that I have been smitten with. The 3 are always together. Each time I have been there, they have been in the same spot and all together. I look forward to seeing them once again. I will have to remember some bread this time. Last time I had to share my cookies.

I look forward to the outing as I missed last week. And next week we are at a member's home.

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Joan said...

Hope you're had a fun time with the ducks!! Stay shaded and cool!