Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, the dog

I found a good buy on some sketchbooks at Michaels craft store. There was a long Strathmore Sketchbook 5.5 x 12" and two small Strathmore Bristol Smooth books with pages 6"x6". I have been using the Bristol. Handy size.

I worked on two colored pencil pieces yesterday. One was for the Spring Fling exchange so I can't show that on here yet. The other was of my dog Friday.

The day is fast passing but I want to do some more postcards. I have a photo I found by Yorky in the Watercolor forum of Italy I want to use for one of my Holiday exchange cards. He gave me permission. We still can't upload to the RIL at WC and those he had uploaded and they disappeared when WC made the move.


Jean said...

Funny, I was out to Michael's recently and saw they had stuff like you bought on sale and meant to let you know..but didn't. Glad that you found it anyway!

Ai said...

Friday looks real nice Jeanne. I think you do the dogs so well.