Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Triple Digit Hot

We are having a week of triple digit hot weather. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 110 degrees F. Today is hot enough. We don't usually have a lot of humidity, but when it is this hot, we feel it. We don't have A/C so are making do with what is called a swamp cooler. It blows water cooled air. It is ok until we hit the triple digits. Then it feels like hot air blowing. I am moving really slow and sitting a lot.

Even when doing art, my arms stick to the paper. So I haven't even been doing any art. I did a card last night for the Everyday Items but can't post it until it has been received. I am sitting in front of a fan and the dogs are all sprawled on the floor. If they were smart, they would be in the hall under the downdraft of the cooler. Instead they won't get out of sight of me. They are afraid I will sneak out of the house or eat something before they can get a bite.

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Joan said...

Hope it cools off soon. I wouldn't be happy in that heat without a beach in front of me. Keep cool.