Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moleskine Project

I finally put some time in on my Moleskine for the Project for Art House Gallery. It's not easy as the paper is so thin. It dents and shows on the back of the page. I am trying to work around it but....

I also started my secret santa gift for my person on It is a virtual gift. Each person who signs up provides a list of things they would like for Christmas. Their secret santa chooses something or several of the things to draw/paint for them. When they get a picture file of their gift, they start guessing who did the gift until they find their secret santa.

I played last year and it was a lot of fun.


Joan said...

The Secret Santa sounds like a fun project. I don't know where you find all your time!!!

Ai said...

Jeanne, you are keeping yourself busy. It is too bad that I tried but cannot sign up on the sketchbook tour project. I am looking forward to seeing how you fill that Moleskine.