Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We all know we should “Strive for Five” servings of fruits and veggies a day to keep our bodies healthy. http://laurelneustadter.blogspot.com/ tagged me with the task of describing the 5 things I do everyday to keep my spirit happy & healthy. This fun exercise fits right in with planning for a new year. Here are my top five:

1. I play with, pet, hug, and enjoy my two dogs. This gives me great satisfaction and I can't imagine life without a dog. The love you get from dogs (or any pet) is such a special gift.

2. I talk to my two birds. My parakeet Freebie reacts to bird sounds on the television. That makes me aware of the sounds that I would normally overlook. She finds such joy in hearing one of her kind. And Bozo my cockatiel is such a fun bird. She keeps me laughing and I so enjoy when she talks to me and wants a response. And when I am not in the room where she is, she will start yelling "hi, what are you doing" or "hello pretty bird" waiting for me to repond to her.

3. My art keeps me happy. I find such satisfaction in doing my art and it's so great the feeling I get when I finish something. And trading my artwork with other artists helps me get the good feeling of "giving".

4. I think about God. I don't do enough Bible reading or studying but I do think about the gift my God gave to me.

5. This one gives me a little trouble. One reason there are so many things I wish I could say and some I am unhappy to say. I don't exercise. I never have liked to exercise. Now with the problems with my leg and ankle, exercise leaves me with more pain that I can handle. I live with the pain from arthritis and overuse of an ankle that puts me on crutches.

I don't eat right, I love sweets and Dr Pepper and because of these and no exercise, I am overweight. That sure doesn't make me happy. I don't get enough sleep. It seems there is not enough time in a day to get all I want to do done, so I take that time away from my sleep time.

On the plus side, I have a very good friend and husband who loves me enough to work hard to provide food and shelter, and who comes home to me every night. Since I don't work outside our home, I really appreciate all he does for me and try to do little things that will make his life a little easier.

I think that my #5 would have to be that I am on the computer much of the day off and on. Doesn't sound like a healthy habit for daily living? Well I have found that it is.

I have met and formed some very nice bonds with some wonderful people online. They are so helpful and giving and give me a lot of pleasure reading about their everyday lives. I have visited other countries and states without even leaving my house. I have help with my art. I read about the problems of others and that makes me appreciate what I have and not worry about what I don't have.

And I have made a few lifelong friends. I may never meet them in person but I feel every bit as close to them as I do friends I see in person. Maybe even more so as I "talk" to the online friends just about every day. Day to day life seems to get in the way of visiting in person with friends locally.

Now that you have read my 5 things, take a few moments and reflect on yours. I am passing this forward for anyone who reads this whether they blog or not. It never hurts to think about what and who you are and what makes you happy and healthy.


Teresa said...

That was wonderful, Jeanne! I agree... it's a good thing to stop occasionally and take stock of our lives. Wishing you much more future happiness in your five areas.... plus more!

Laurel Neustadter said...

Great post, Jeanne.

weightlossblogger82 said...

wonderful routine

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks for this, onward to the New Year, hope it is great for you. Happy New Year!