Friday, December 05, 2008

Portraiture Forum

The Portrait forum at WC is talking about another portrait swap mid year. It will probably be for our mates or children. Since I don't have children, it will have to be my mate. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it.

I haven't done any art in the last few days. I did get some cleaning done and the bills paid. Now I can concentrate on art. I want to do some of the Out of Africa cards and I want to do a picture in colored pencil of Ditto for hubby for Christmas.

I have the Ann Kullenberg kit for a portrait. I even bought all the colors I needed. I have worn some of them down to nubs already. Hopefully I still have all the colors I need. I would like to work thru that kit and learn more about adding color to the portraits I do.

The local pet store is having a Christmas photo session for pets. I plan to take my two dogs. I had two other of my dog's photos taken years ago and they came out great. Not that I need more photos of them. I take plenty myself. But I want to get a photo of them this year. I had planned to take all 3 dogs but that didn't work out. I want to capture the other two while I still can.

Friday and Penny.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

So sorry Jeanne you had to say goodbye to Ditto but a ripe old age at 11 yrs for a little dog. These two look as if they will keep you busy though. Hope their portraits turn out well.

Teresa said...

Awww! They look so lovable and cuddly! Can't wait to see your pics.

virtualredhead said...

Oh my gosh TOO CUTE!

We haven't done Christmas pictures yet this year (I say it's because we're waiting for snow. Because we live in LA. Ha. Ha.), but here's my Mr. Henry all decked out for (his first!) Christmas last year. SUCH a ham!


Ai said...

They are super cute Jeanne. I am looking forward to seeing their Xmas photos and the portraits.