Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Colored Pencils

I have reached a new place with my colored pencil work. I'm not sure what the new place is, but I do know I like it.

I have been doing my Out of Africa cards in graphite. Then switched to colored pencil. I think that my style has changed a bit and my colors are getting better. My work seems to be coming together more. I really like the last 4 I have done. I can only show one of them as the others haven't been received.

This was the first one in color and when my style seemed to have changed. This is in fact my favorite of the cards. This is an African Shelduck from a reference photo provided by Just Chaos from Wetcanvas. I hope to continue following my instincts in evolving this new "whatever it is". I will be posting the others as they are received.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Very vibrant - and a nice strong composition. Delightful - a very happy drawing!

Happy New Year Jeanne

Marie-Dom said...

Jeanne...this is GORGEOUS!!!

padmaja said...

Hi Jeanne, you pencil work is wonderful.. the texture of the back ground and the vibrancy you got out of the right positioning of the colors is really nice. I am yet to explore this gorgeous medium!