Sunday, December 21, 2008

Strathmore Trade Card

I got my Strathmore Trade card Saturday. It was the trade where we bought the Strathmore ATC size cards and then did something for the holidays on one and sent it to Strathmore. They sent them out to others and made one big trade. It would be nice to find out how many cards they received. I will have to check out the Strathmore site. Here is the card I received in return. An email address was on the back of the card so I wrote and received permission to post the card here on my blog.

My cute little duck for Christmas titled Duck the Halls.


Joan said...

I got my card from the trade too...a lovely winter landscape. But there wasn't anyting to give me any information about the talented artist who sent it. I do wonder how many people participated.

Paulette said...

Merry Christmas Jeanne!
I am sorry to hear you lost your baby Ditto. Your other guys are just beautiful!