Thursday, May 14, 2009

Banana Tree

Our art group went to Bolles Nursery today. This was my third trip there and I still took around 200 photos. There were 7 of us today and we all went for lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Very nice day. Mild weather, plenty to see, and great food.

As I had not done any scavenger hunt items this time around, I used my artwork from today to post in the hunt forum. I used the words "yard art" a little loosely and posted for my #1 and only item this hunt...a banana tree.


Jo Castillo said...

It may have been one for the Hunt but it is beautiful. Sounds like a fun day! Take care.

Teresa said...

As usual your colors are faultless! I like this... it's simple but effective.

twincedar said...

Very nice!