Friday, May 08, 2009


I uploaded my 16 photos to the Weekly Drawing Event on Wetcanvas. I decided to post them early because Europe and Australia miss a whole day when they are posted on Friday by American time.

No new artwork. I'm kind of in a slump for some reason. We had a family emergency the first part of the week which has settled down now. I spent part of the day shredding junk mail and papers attached by the pharmacy to every prescription we get. Now I have to black out our address and information on the empty pill bottles. I wish I could be more organized and do it as they empty but that isn't happening. Now I have a paper sack and a shoebox full.

This evening I moved furniture around and tried to get a better arrangement in my office/art room. I have way too much furniture in that room but part of it is must have storage. Next I will go thru that huge storage cabinet and go thru all and hopefully get rid of some junk. The way it is arranged right now, I'm not sure it will be ok as I am horribly claustrophobic. I can't have too much wrapping around behind me.

Well maybe tomorrow I will get to some artwork. But I have said that for several days now, and I have the WDE to host this week. I will need to keep up on the comments and not get too far behind.


Teresa said...

Wow.... and I thought I was busy! Speaking of cleaning up clutter in the office/studio... if you're claustrophobic you'd expire in mine! It's small to begin with... and I have tons of books (just can't part with any of those) plus all my computer stuff AND my art stuff. It's a wonder there's room left for me!

Artist Unplugged said...

There is always something and usually too much of it!!!! Hope that you get some things straightened out and get to some artwork, can identify with the slump.

Jo Castillo said...

Hope all is going well today. When you finish your organizing, mine is waiting!

Take care of yourself .. by the way, which letter of the alphabet did you get? Or can you tell?

pencilportraits said...

I know exactly what you are feeling Jeanne, all week I've been battling with my website and it's not a job you can start and walk away from. Sometimes art does take a back seat, even though it really is the thing we want to do most.