Monday, May 25, 2009


Another of my Alphabet cards has arrived. This time in Thailand. It is a picture of my cockatiel Bozo standing behind a smaller cat. It is "O" for Oops. I figure that is the feeling the cat would have if it turned around and saw the huge cockatiel. And Bozo bites hard.

This one was done on some Mi Tienes colored paper and didn't allow me to get the bright colors I'm used to.

I joined another Drawspace ATC trade. It is called Childhood. I didn't want to do the same things as I did for the Memories trade so I had to use my brain and come up with another theme. I picked cartoon characters from my childhood. It is really funny to see how many are still around today. With a younger audience watching them now.

Most of the comics and cartoon characters back during my childhood were more simple looking. More like lives were then. Even the adventures were more simple. No bloody, gory deaths. Some I hadn't thought about in years. But as with the memory cards, I had a great walk down memory lane.


pencilportraits said...

Hi Jeanne, just catching up again, so you mean you sent a card to Thailand or it was sent from there? I think you sent it as it was your art, is that correct?

Ai said...

Hello pencilportraits, I am the recipient of Jeanne's 'Oops' art card. I live in Thailand. Jeanne and I are joining the same art card exchange on

Jeanne, this is fabulous. It is fun to imagine a giant bird controlling the game and has watchful eyes over a cat. Thanks so much for sending me this card. Enjoy another Drawspace exchange for me. !!!

oliverandjazz said...

Jeanne, I enjoy seeing your cards, I am sorry to hear about the surgery, but they work miracles now a days and I am sure all will be well.
Thanks for visiting me as well..
oh and a happy belated b-day too!

see you around
have a great trade!