Monday, May 11, 2009


At the BBQ, I found out a friend's preteen daughter loves Elvis. She wants a drawing of him to hang in her bedroom. So I started this that Sat night after we got home. I haven't touched it since. I need to work on it some more but still haven't any art energy.

I am going with the art group on Wednesday. We are going back to Bolles Nursery. This will be our third trip there. The owner likes us to come and puts out goodies for us. Coffee, water, soda, and donuts. Such a nice kind man.

Some of us will go to the Mexican Restaurant just down the block for lunch. They have really good fish tacos. For many years, the thought of fish in a taco sounded awful. I don't even like fish. Go figure. I finally tried one and liked it. At least at this place I like them. I had one at another place and it was terrible. Really fishy. I prefer the breaded ones to the bare ones. Thankfully they are small and come with just a touch of some kind of slaw. I will pass on the beans and rice this time.

Even when I am in an art slump, I am usually able to do something during our outings. The first time there I did a statue of a young man and woman. The last time I did a cactus. I hope something catches my attention this time. It will have to be in the shade. The weatherman said we may be in for a few days of triple digits already. I guess summer is here.


Teresa said...

Well, so far you've got a nice set of curving, sensuous lips on the "hunk of burning love" !!

Re: Fish tacos... never had 'em. Never wanted 'em. Thought the same thing you did... fish in tacos? Ugh! What on earth was somebody thinking?? (And you thought my tomato gravy sounded bad!)

Robyn said...

I'd recognise that sulky pout anywhere :) What a lovely gift for a teenager, Jeanne - real art instead of a poster.

Fish tacos - sounds odd but I'd be really interested because I love Mexican food but don't eat pork or red meat. Sounds like you are on the right track though with your diet. It's jolly hard. Brava for sticking to it.

It must be shocking having the heat kick in to the extent it does for you, so early in the summer. Good weather for salads though.

Joan said...

Good start on the portrait! Glad you will be getting out to sketch. Stay cool!!

jgr said...

Nice work on the portrait so far, I can't wait to see more of it.


purplepaint said...

Wow! This is really good! Can't wait to see it when you finish it! Marva