Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 New Projects

I joined two new projects. One in Drawspace Forum with the theme "Old MacDonald's Farm". The other is in Wetcanvas Forum with a theme of "Windows". I spent a lot of time the last few days looking on Google Street Map for unusual or interesting windows. I have found quite a few, but during the process, I now want a "door" trade. I found lots of great doors too.

The MacDonald's Farm trade leaves a very large choice of subjects. Animals, barns, machinery, crops, or just about anything. I'm not sure what all of mine will be. I did find this sheep in the Wetcanvas RIL by ceiliog. I love really "fluffy" sheep. Ones that look too heavy for their legs. In fact with this one, you can't even tell if it has legs. All of these will be ATC size. So far 10 people have signed up for this one.

One the Windows Trade, I plan to do a variety of windows. I even saved one of a clothing store with a different name. Some have brickwork, some cement-type decorations, some are plain, some have flowerboxes, and some shutters.

I also had a nice long Google drive thru New York. I have become a fan of all the big tall buildings and their windows (as long as I don't have to go up in them as I'm afraid of heights). So many and so tall and some wonderful patterns made by the windows. I could see Zentangle patterns in them.

I really enjoyed the drive along Broadway and one other street. I saw the Trump tower, and so many hotels and stores that I had seen on tv. I just don't know why the hotels with the doormen out front didn't have names on them. I expected to see the sidewalks full of people like you see in the movies but there weren't that many people on the ones I saw.

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Teresa said...

Nice sheep.

You joined two new trades? I'm surprised ;-)