Sunday, March 07, 2010

Scavenger Hunt #168

I can remember when I wondered if the Scavenger Hunts on Wetcanvas would last thru hunt #100 and here we are at #168. I have no doubt we will make it thru #200. We have some really great people/artists who keep that site going. And a wonderful great bunch they are. We get lots of sketching from life done as well as have a few laughs along the way. Each artist who posts a new list provides interesting, thought provoking items for us to "find" and sketch.

I really enjoy the hunts. I don't participate as much as I used to, but I still look forward to each and every new list. I look to see what strange or weird item someone can come up with. And I look forward each time to what each person's response will be to certain items. Like the word on a list might be "eye" Ai from Thailand might draw herself from a mirror. Another person might draw someone Else's eye. Or an animal's eye. Or the eye of a needle or a potato. One that was particularly interesting was "pickle". I just thought everyone would draw a whole pickle. Well we had a spoonful of pickle relish, pickles sliced lengthwise, sliced crosswise, and I believe there was even a cucumber.

So you can see the hunts are not only productive and keep our sketching from life skills sharpened, but they also let new artists learn and get practice with sketching from life or just sketching in general in a nice critique-free area. We have all levels of skill, all levels of a finished product, and many reasons for people to sketch. Some are there to build sketching skills, some to renew sketching skills, some to use only pens (no erasing), some to practice with digital, or other mediums. Most anything goes except that everything has to be from life and you can't use one item for several of the list items. The purpose is to draw/sketch, not to finish.

So any time you need practice or just want to look and enjoy, come on over to the Scavenger Hunt in the Artwork from Life area of Wetcanvas and join the crowd. Doesn't matter if you finish the list, do one item, or many. There is a new host who provides a new list every 9 days. You have the nine days to sketch and upload to share if you want.

Whether you sketch or just browse, there is always something to learn. I learn from the other's sketches as well as my own. I have learned new words that people from other countries use for things. I have made many worldwide friends. And if I have a few minutes to sketch, I never have to wonder what I should sketch. I always have a list handy and the thrill of trying to come up with something no one else will for some of the items.


Ai said...

Hi Jeanne, it is sure that the Hunt is fun and a nice place to hang out and have a few laughs or smiles when you see what people come up with. Thanks for keep it going though.

Desiree said...

Great job Jeannie, I have never done one of those, you make it look like alot of fun