Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scavenger Hunt #169

I did some scavenger hunt items tonight. The time for this one is almost up and I was really cutting it close. I'm glad I checked the hosting thread tonight too. I'm up next to host. So I made my list tonight and the 21st I will post it.

The last few days have been rough on me. A friend of mine from high school passed away on Monday night. She found out only about 6 weeks ago that she had cancer. Then just over a week ago found out nothing could be done for her. A week later and she was dead.

She had no medical insurance so had not been to a doctor in about 8 years. She worked up to January and seemed to be in good health. No major problems. Then one day she started having terrible pain that was diagnosed as urinary tract infection. Further tests showed it started as cervical cancer, spread to the lungs, and had reached the lymph nodes.

It seems to have happened so fast. I'm still in shock. Nothing makes a person feel vulnerable like having your same-age peers start to pass away. Now I know why my father-in-law stopped reading the obituaries when he was in his 70s.

Sharon and I shared a love of the soap opera The Young & the Restless. We were both waiting for the current storyline to end. It was one of a baby switch. Well this week they started completing the storyline and I can't quite enjoy it as much when Sharon doesn't get to see it.

Several things keep reminding me of her. I was sitting here at my desk tonight watching the Criminal Minds marathon. Dog the Bounty Hunter was advertised. I remember how much Sharon looked forward to that show. There weren't many shows she liked to watch but that was at the top of her list.

She also like the snowball cupcakes. For awhile she was having some every night. Her one little sinful treat. So this weekend I will be buying a snowball to eat in memory of her.

Another thing I remember fondly was when we were freshmen in high school. We sat on the brickwork in the school quad and ate our lunch. It was the same thing every day. 2 hotdogs and a carton of chocolate milk. We had a walk down memory lane about those lunches in one of our phone calls.

Sharon and I had lost touch for a few years and she found me by using a search site. She paid for a 24-hour pass and they gave her my unlisted phone number. Nice to know I have some privacy. But I am glad she was able to get the number. It gave us a year or so to reconnect. We had a few phone chats but most of our connection was thru email. I am having a hard time dealing with her death.

It doesn't quite seem real. I hadn't seen her since the 1980s and then only a few times. But because we were in contact so often in the last year, I know I am going to miss her for some time to come. And I'm really going to enjoy that snowball even if I have a good cry while eating it.


Joan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It sounds like the span of time when you weren't in contact didn't affect your friendship. I'm glad you were able to reconnect with her. The internet is so helpful that way. I'm sure you have many more happy memories of her that will come to you at odd times and bring a smile to your face.

Paul said...

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