Friday, September 03, 2010

3 More

I finished 3 more of the fruits and vegetables for the trade on Drawspace. I have 3 more vegetables sitting on a plate waiting for their turn. Hopefully before bed time I will get them. So far there are around 10 signed up.


Teresa said...

I knew it! A nasty avocado! ICK, ICK, ICK!!! Bleahh!

Well, the art is wonderful, the colors are great.... and the avocado looks much better than it tastes. Glad it's good for something.


Dors said...

Lovely job Jeanne. I love to see people draw fruit and veggies.

Well done.

Joan said...

Great job on the veggies!! They look so yummy. I see you are doing pets, pentangles, and a Christmas exchange already. I'll have to check into that one. It is good to be back and finally catching up on all my favorite blogs.