Thursday, September 09, 2010

More Fruit & Veggies

I did 6 more cards for the Drawspace trade. I think I have one more to go. Haven't decided what to do for the last one. I went shopping today with my eye on the produce as a model not as a food source. It was quite fun. I didn't want to present a bag with one piece of okra in it so bought 3 or 4 pieces. Have no idea what I will do with it as they aren't enough to make a mess of fried okra. Maybe I will make a soup and add them to it.

Oh I just remembered. I bought one small turnip. I will do that one. I'm glad I remembered or it would sit in the veggie crisper of the fridge and ruin. Those drawers in my fridge these days are known as the death trap. I still can't get the hang or the "want to" to cook for one. Just not worth the effort. So I buy the stuff then don't cook it. I need to get better and eat better.

Now I'm off to find that turnip in the death trap drawer.


TaniaBee said...

These are all so gorgeous and delicious looking!!
Very excellently done :)

Teresa said...

LOL!! Your sense of humor always gets me... the "death trap". Never thought of it that way, but I'm afraid there's on in my fridge too.

Re: Cooking for one... when I was single I cooked a regular sized meal and froze the leftovers in individual portions... that way you get homemade "TV dinners"!