Friday, September 10, 2010

Pet Portraits

I bought a card table with the intentions of putting together some puzzles. I did one puzzle and was so sore and blind from doing it, that I decided I should wait awhile before doing another. I am obsessive when doing a puzzle. Just can't stop and don't go to bed.

So I moved my colored pencil supplies from my bedroom to the living room to the card table. The table is full and I still don't have all my pencils out. I arranged them so that I can get to them easily. The daylight lamp is there as well as the electric pencil sharpener. And the table is next to a window so during the day, I have better light. So far I am enjoying my supplies in there as I finished 3 pet portraits today. That is the last 3 that I needed to mail along with my last Zentangle like cards.

For the Pet portrait trade, we need to do 24 and I now have 8 of them finished. The three I did today will be mailed tomorrow. And hopefully I will get a few more finished this weekend.

I do have some Bible studies to do. The new Bible study starts next Tuesday and there is homework that needs to be done before I go. We will be studying the Book of John. I think it will be a very good study.

Here is the latest Tangle to reach its destination.


brooke said...

Love your veggies and fruits


Joan said...

Your fruits and veggies look like they could be in a seed catalogue!!! Nice work!!

Teresa said...

Zentangle looks great!

I like the idea of doing art in the living room... more light and more space? Sounds like you've now acquired quite a sizable collection of colored pencils. Have fun... and eat right!


Jo Castillo said...

Hey, boy I know what you mean about puzzles being addictive. I have avoided jigsaws this summer and stuck to crosswords. :) Nice veggies and fruits.