Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For the next 9 days, I am hosting the Scavenger Hunt on the Wetcanvas Forum. If anyone wants to get some practice drawing from life, and they don't know what to draw, please come and join us. You can find us here.

Every 9 days someone hosts the scavenger hunt and posts a list of 26 items to find and sketch plus some extra challenges. Everything has to be sketched from life. We upload our "finds" and share with the others.

The most fun part is seeing how each person interprets each item on the list. All mediums are welcome. It is a place to try new techniques, mediums, and brush up our skills. We are a fun-loving bunch and most people who participate for awhile, notice that their skills get sharper and their eye hand coordination gets much better. And the list means you always have a list of things to sketch.

Some lists are specific, some vague, and some make you stop and think. But they are always interesting. Some of the challenges have been to draw with your non-dominant hand, draw the back of your head, dryer lint, balled up aluminum foil, and many others. We even had one that had 26 items you could find and set up on shelves to make a still life and do them all in one picture. Also one as easy as finding something for each letter of the alphabet.

I started with the hunts on the first one and have participated in just about every one. We are now on #194 and they seem to be going strong. We get enough newbies to balance out the ones we lose. And after participating in at least one hunt, you are eligible to host and provide your own list and challenges.

Don't worry if you don't feel you have time to participate. You can do one item or finish the whole list. And if you don't have the time to make comments, we want you to show up any way. Just come join the fun. This is the latest list that I posted to give you an idea.

Here is the list:

stack of books
dryer lint
crushed aluminum foil
baggie or plastic wrap
items tossed in a drawer, box, or bowl
something inside out
something you see outside
something you see inside
paper clips
key chain
inside of an envelope
toilet paper/tissue (Challenge: many different versions or poses)
something used when bathing
tree/tree part
still life of fruits and/or vegetables
leaf (Challenge: several different kinds)

Final Challenge: Draw your hand touching your foot.

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