Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bunny Rabbitt

Everyone who knows me pretty well knows that I have boxes of drawing references. Not just photos but the actual things. Lots of stuffed animals, ceramic animals, a few assorted dishes, twigs, leaves, pine cones, and just about anything I might want to draw some day. I probably have more references than I do pencils and that is saying a mouthful.

Well this latest ATC card I just finished is from a ceramic rabbit I bought about a week ago. Sadly as I brought it into the house, the bag slipped a little and off came one of his ears. $2.99 and already broken. I tried to fix it with super glue but it wouldn't hold I need something that will bond faster. Maybe the super glue wasn't good for the ceramic material.

I will keep my rabbit. It is still "drawable" even if the ear is a separate piece. I don't want to spend another $3. But I have learned not to try to carry too many bags at once.

This one is another for the trade on Wetcanvas. I used watercolor, pen and ink, and a touch of Conte white pastel pencil for highlights on the eye. the white dot is white-out stick. (If it works, why not?)

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