Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is Elliott. His photo was one that was provided by Valri for the Wetcanvas WDE this week. I believe that he has passed. This was done in watercolor with some micron pen. ATC size.

I have been playing around with pen and ink plus watercolor. I want to be able to use a medium that goes a little faster than cps. I still love doing cp but sometimes I just want to do something quickly. I have been known to put cps over watercolor. I like combining the two. But this time I wanted to try watercolor with pen.

I have done two others in the same way. One of my hand and one of my lab Penny asleep on my bed. These are also ATC size and will go to participants in my new Wetcanvas project.

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Ai said...

All these wc& ink ATC came out super, Jeanne. I just love them all.