Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bye Bye Tree

There has been a tree in our back yard since we moved here 18+ years ago. If you held a yardstick in front of it, it would span the whole yard stick or more. When we moved here it would have been about 12 inches across. There were branches sticking up that were almost the 12 inch size.

Well now the tree has had a major crop on top. It still has some really gnarley areas at the top of the trunk but hopefully in the near future it will be taken down to about table level.

The tree has been interfering with our plumbing pipes for years. The tree is a Mulberry and they are famous for causing plumbing damage. The roots grow right thru the pipes and cause a clog. We have been trying to get someone to take it down for years but the prices were always more than we could afford.

Well I finally asked the neighbor's gardener. He said yes and quoted a way low price for what had to be done. But I jumped on it. Now my back yard is full of branches and big post-sized branches plus a big huge gnarl. And now I have to find a bargain to get it hauled away. The young man did it all by hand...no chainsaw. And all in parts of two days. In fact he was working until way after dark.

I am very thankful to have the job done and I did give the man more money than he quoted. He worked very steady and hard and did a wonderful job and even stacked everything and raked.

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Teresa said...

That's a big tree!! Didn't know mulberries caused pipe damage... I know Maples do... we never plant maples anywhere close to pipes around here... lot of trouble down the line.