Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is the first anniverary of my blog. And I have managed to post almost every day. It can be said that the reason for my blog is KatherineT. I became aquainted with her on Wetcanvas. I was looking thru her blog (http://makingamark.blogspot.com/) and wanted to make a comment. Well you can't unless you join blogspot. So voila, my blog.

A few of my firsts in art have been because of Katherine. The first class I participated in was Katherine's Artwork from Life. That led to my first time drawing outside, which led to my first drawing in public (a restaurant and then Barnes and Nobles Bookstore). At that time I was still trying to hide the fact I was drawing. Oh and let's not forget my first drawings from life and without a grid.

Then came my first Sketchcrawl after a heads-up from Katherine. That one was done I believe from sitting in my car, which led to several others including one which I took the two teen girls from across the street with me. (Getting braver)

And now after a year, I am drawing in public once a week. And this is in the company of several women who have been artists for quite some time and some even teachers. At these outings, which are always in public view, we also have a "gentle critique". They were going to hold back on critiquing me, but I told them I am an adult and they were to go for it. I had already cut my teeth on gentle critique and much helpful advice from Wetcanvas. All very much appreciated.

Now that I am a seasoned, daily Wetcanvas and Katherine's blog follower, what lies in my future for next year? More blogging apparently. More colored pencil. Hopefully some painting in watercolor. (one of the plein air ladies has offered to let me borrow her 15 instructional tapes.) And now that I have joined a local art association, more plein air trips, participation in workshops and classes, and involvement in the local art community.

You notice that I did not say more Wetcanvas time ( I don't really think there is more time to spend there). That is because I spend so much time there already that I don't get much artwork done. So I will say less Wetcanvas and more working at art.

So Happy Anniversary to my blog. Thank you Katherine and to all who have helped me along the way.

The above drawing is my latest for the Pet Portrait thread. Buster who owns Wetcanvas' Bigs/Sue. This is an ATC and has been mailed to Sue in Australia. And I had better get busy with the next. Buster's mate Maggie will get jealous if I don't draw her.


Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, Congratulations! Great going. Your art has come a long ways in a year. This sketch and your other new ones show much progress. You will get energized from your plein air days and working on your art. wetcanvas.com does take away painting time. I have cut back considerably.

Again, you should be soooo proud of the progress you have made.


Katherine said...

Jeanne - you're so kind! I think there was a fair bit of grit and determination on your part which got you sketching and painting.

Many congratulations on your first anniversary - and all due credit to you for the progress you've made by dint of your own hard work.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Jo. I feel that I have improved tremendously in that year, but it is so nice to be able to hear that others think so too. And yes the plein air group has given me motivation to make the time to go out with art as my reason.

Katherine you deserve the recognition. I know by reading comments on your blog that I am not the only one that you have helped. I may have put in the sweat of my brow, but you are the one who pushed me out there, and you have been helpful even after the classes. I have always felt I could ask you question if stumped even tho you are so busy.

Katherine said...

Jeanne - I've blogged you - you may get a few visitors!

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Katherine.

Laureline said...

Great work, Jeanne! I've just read Katherine's blog and came to see you on her orders!
She's very inspiring and I'm so happy for you that you were encouraged by her to begin your own art life.

vivien said...

well done Jeanne! you've done some lovely work - and I'm sure you'll love watercolour.

Don't forget it combines really well with those coloured pencils in mixed media works :) look at the Watercolour Plus forum on WC :)

Joan said...

Jeanne, HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!! It's amazing how much you've progressed in art in one year. It really is amazing when you think about it. You've really worked hard. I'm glad that you've stepped up to drawing in public and that you've joined a community art group. There are so many places to go to sketch, and now it's unlimited. Your blog has inspired me a lot, so my thanks to you. I never did this much drawing before.

Cute drawing of the dog! I like the cropped composition that focuses on his/her face.

I'll be back for many, many more visits. Now I'm going to go check out Katherine's blog to see who inspired you.

Robyn said...

Many happy returns, Jeanne. It's been a delight to follow your sketching career on WC - your tremendous effort should be an inspiration to all those people who still think they can't sketch ;)

"JeanneG" said...

Robyn good to see you and thanks.
Vivien and Laura I have been to both of your blogs by way of Katherines. I love looking thru all the many wonderful blogs. Thanks for visiting.
Joan my loyal reader. Thanks so much.

Quilt Knit said...

Congratulations! Jeanne. I just found Katherine just this month from finding another artist blog. I am finding your joy! I have a while to go on anniversary.
Hope mine will be as exciting and memorable.


Donna said...

Eleven comments already, but I have to post my two cents as well. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and for keeping up with your sketching. I've enjoyed reading your posts along the way and you've been an inspiration to me. Thanks!

Joan said...

I tried leaving you a Happy Blog Anniversary message the other day, but I couldn't get it to load. You have made so much progress in a year! The fact that you're confident to do plein air sketching and have joined a local art group will really take you places you've only dreamed of. I'd like to thank you for your inspiration. I wouldn't have joined the scavenger hunts without your encouragement. It has made such a difference in my art...so thank you for that. I enjoy being "blogging buddies" and your blog is the first one I check when I get to the computer.