Thursday, June 14, 2007

Log Cabin Florist Outing

These are some of the sketches I did while on the plein air outing on Wednesday. Tiny little flies were worrying me to death, and I had problems with a few ants. But otherwise the day was nice. I just kept turning to find several items to sketch. The one with the fence, I started on the posts and it just kept spreading. I think they are going to be remodeling soon and from what I heard, the fence will be taken out.
Before I left, I thanked them for letting us sketch in the yard and mentioned we might like to return again. She said to just give them a call. They were very nice and hospitable, even asking if we would like something cold to drink.


Mary said...

Jeanne, these are very nice sketches, especially the first one. I have never tried Plein Air but I do plan to soon with charcoal or pastel.

Joan said...

Great sketches. The one of the fence and the landscape would be perfect in the scavenger hunt this time. Glad the insects didn't get to you, and you were able to sketch.

"JeanneG" said...

Thank you Mary and Joan. I had fun.