Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pet Portrait Thread

Just Chaos started a new thread in the Animal/Wildlife Forum in Wetcanvas. We were discussing our pets and sharing photos during the scavenger hunt and decided it would be fun to draw our pets. Anyone can post their pets and then we can draw any or all of them that we choose. Some really cute animals are being posted. I have already saved several. There are already a couple drawings posted.
Tomorrow is the plein air outing. We will go to a local florist shop. I think we will just be setting up on the sidewalk outside. Not sure what is there to draw but hopefully something will strike our fancy. I know one other lady will be there but not sure of any others.
Our weather is starting into the triple digits already. I believe there is no shade at this florist shop and we will be sitting in full sun. We are starting a little early as we probably won't be able to last in the sun for very long.
Next week our outing will be at a local plant nursery. That should provide quite a lot of things to draw and paint. And the photo op. I am sure they will have some statuary and fountains as well as many flowers, plants, and trees. Hopefully there will be some shady areas there. Now thru September we will be fighting the sun for all outings.
In the hottest part of our summer, you could probably cook an egg on the sidewalk. Our house does not have air conditioning so when it gets the hottest, you just don't move around much. Those are the days when it is hot all day and night. You sweat all night long. It is probably in the 80s thru the night.
Time to get my gear ready for tomorrow. I will go light this trip. Take only what I really need. I don't see us being there long so don't want to pack and unpack too much.

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Joan said...

Bring lots of water to rehydrate yourself while you're in the sun...and a nice shady hat. Maybe there will be some shade. Good luck tomorrow, or are you there today? I'm not sure which day you posted.