Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free at last

Hubby left this morning for a 4-day camping trip. I was so glad for him to be camping and give me a rest. Lately he has been after me daily to learn the program for the new machine. And that was the one thing he said before he left. Figure out how to ......this and this and this.
I'm feeling a little under the weather. Have been for several days now. Nothing I can put my finger on, just not too perky.
I did do something to make me feel a little better. Ordered art supplies. I use Derwent watercolor pencils the most and really like them. When I use dry colored pencil, I use Prismas. But I have wanted some Derwents. Now I will have them. 72 of them. I got one more thing but can't remember what it was. That was from Cheap Joes. Then I also ordered from Dick Blick. I saw some different waterbrushes on someone's site and they seemed to hold more water. I found them at Dick Blick and they were 3 sizes in a pkg for $4.19. Wow that is cheaper than the ones I get here. Can't wait to get them.
Now I need to get myself in gear and get my Guild House stuff framed. I have a doctor appt on Monday across town so maybe I will go early and stop by Michaels and take a look. Take my sizes with me.
The dogs are antsy tonight. I guess they miss their papa. Tonight and tomorrow night they will bark and react to anything they hear and some they don't. By Sat and Sun, they will be used to him being gone and will settle down.
A photo of a rose and another photo one area of The Crystal Palace.

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