Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Today's art

Tonight I worked on my self portrait and hand for the day. I like the hand. I think it turned out good. The self portrait I'm not sure of. One thing about today's self portrait is that I can see my brother's face in mine.
I was the oldest of three children. I had two brothers. The younges passed away at 46 yrs old in year 2000. That was Steve and he was the father of the nephew I am always talking about.
The older of my brothers is Randy. Steve and I always looked a lot alike. Same texture of hair, same nose. Randy has a nose like our maternal grandfather. More of a Greek nose. And other than our inherited eyes with the dark circles under them, Randy and I don't look that much alike. As a middle child, and with different looks, he of course thought he was adopted. My mom after 3 days of labor with a breech (rear end first) pregnancy and no medication for the pain will argue that point.
As I was doing this self portrait, right away I was seeing my brother Randy. I couldn't believe it. My husband was surprised too. So this self portrait taught me something that I didn't know about myself. Randy and I are similar in appearance. It just isn't as apparent as Steve and I. As far as dispositions and stubbornness, Randy and I are cut from the same cookie cutter and Steve was more mild.


Jo Castillo said...

Your portraits have been great. Interesting about you and your brothers.

The hand is nice, too. :)


Joan said...

I guess you pick up on different things about your face when you sketch it so much. My siblings all resemble one another in some ways. Great job on the hand.

Anna Sellers said...

Lovely story. I will have to pay attention and look to see if I sketch family members when I sketch myself in the mirror.

I like watching the progression of these self portraits. Very inspiring.