Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No New Art

I haven't done any art for the last couple days. I have been trying to learn how to run the software for the machine my husband bought. He already has orders for banners and stickers. We were doing some practicing on the actual vinyl tonight. I spent way too much time on that today.
No news about when I might have a knee replacement. The surgeon is concerned with my weight. So I still am on crutches and the knee doesn't get better each day. The surgeon will fax my medical doctor the results and his opinion. I will wait and see what transpires.
Our group outing is tomorrow. At least I will be doing some art tomorrow. We will be visiting a private home and landscaped garden. The hostess will be providing lunch for us. I believe there will be about 10 artists going.
I shopped for mats and frames for my Guild House pictures. I am pretty happy with what I picked. I wanted to frame and mat the two colored ones the same in case someone wants them both together but was unable to get matching frames. I will try to get them finished up after the outing. I am not sure when they will be needed but I want to have them done and not have to rush them.
Hopefully I will get some art posted here tomorrow night. But right now, time for bed.

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Joan said...

Jeanne - I've been missing your art work here and on WetCanvas. I know it takes a long time to learn new things for the computer, and I'm glad to hear you're making progress there. Good luck on the outing. Hope to see your postings.It amazes me that your don't let your knee stop you. Go girl!