Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Plein air outing

Well today was great. Lots of artists, space, things to look at, and food. A very gracious hostess who provided a wonderful meal of chunky chicken salad over cut romain lettuce and a fresh bowl of cut up fruit. Melon and grapes. Yummy.
The hostess has a resident canine named Freckles. He has his own My Space website here:
I took about 40+ photos today. I also did three different sketches. The first was the nice wooden rocker and footstool. I didn't get the leaning angle or the perspective just right (very bad on the stool). But I had fun doing it. I saw afterward I forgot the left side bottom rocker part.
The second picture I sketched was of one of the other painters. She paints in oils. Both oil painters were painting the swimming pool area. Since a painting artist is a captured model, I decided to sketch her. She was very surprised. She said it looks just like her. Since I didn't add color, you didn't get to see the bright red apron she had on.
The third was a metal watering can that was being used as a vase. It had some cut roses in it. The hostess had arranged that for a still life for us. As I hadn't been sketching for a few days, I didn't go into a lot of detail.
Next week is the Bakersfield Museum of Art. They have a garden area on the side and in the back with a gazebo and different areas with sculpture by artists. The last time I was there, I captured a picture of some ducks sleeping in a small waterpool/fountain. There is a park next door and the ducks are residents from the park. The week after that will be a small lake in a gated community that we visited a couple months ago.


Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, these are just great. Funny about the leg of the chair. Have you ever noticed in this Vermeer there is a leg from the easel missing?

I guess he left it off as it would have been confusing ... or he forgot!


Joan said...

Good sketches, Jeanne. It's funny that we sometimes miss something that's no noticable to us later. I really like the sketch of the artist. You captured her so deep into her work. I'm jealous that you get to go out sketching with other artists. I usually sketch/paint outdoors by myself, unless I make a trip out to my sister in NJ and we go out together. It's fun to be around other artists for inspiration.

"JeanneG" said...

I find it pushes me a little with the other ladies as we have a critique after we eat. Most of them have more finished or almost finished work but I usually do sketches instead.

Katherine said...

Your sketch of the artist is excellent. I'd be proud to have done that one!