Wednesday, March 19, 2008

En Plein Air-San Clemente Mission, Bakersfield, CA

Today was our plein air art day. It was beautiful weather and perfect for a day out. We had quite a few ladies who came. Some just to take pictures and look around, some to paint, and some to draw. Nine of us were there for most of the morning. 2-4 people dropped by for a few minutes each. One was a gentleman who may start going with the group. He is a watercolorist. Has taught classes. We had one new young lady join us for the first time today. She is a watercolorist also and does some postcard and ATC sized art. Her art cards are ACEOs as she sells hers on Ebay.

I finished one postcard that I will trade. It was some colums on the walkway of the mission. That is two from my plein air outings that I will have traded. I have only one more regular postcard to do for the trade project. And next week we will go up into the hills to see the wildflowers in bloom. I guess I will have to do that one in color. Today's was graphite with pen and ink added.

I took about 100 photos today. Some of just leaves, some of the plaques and tiles around the mission with prayers and things on them, some stained glass windows, and whatever else I saw that looked interesting.

Here is the drawing I did of the mission and one I did of the cross on top of the chapel. Also a couple photos of the mission or grounds. Click on any of the photos for a larger look.


Jeanette said...

Gorgeous mission photos Jeanne and lovely job on those arches.

I'd love to play around with that long hallway of arches. May I?

Joan said...

Jeanne, You did a great job on the sketches of the mission. Love the one of all the arches!! I love visiting missions. There's always something good to photograph or sketch. Lucky you!!!