Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I have been tagged by Ai http://aiarts.blogspot.com/. Here are 5 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I don't like having my hair messed with. I don't like going to the beauty shop to have my hair cut, or anything else. I think it comes from my aunt who used to push my hair back behind my ears every time she got near me. I used to have to shake my head after hair appointments to get what felt like "handprints" off my hair.

2. My mom and aunt tried to keep me young. They didn't want to have to stop buying me dolls. When I was in 7th grade, I got 4 dolls for Christmas because they knew it would have to stop.

3. I had the mumps when I was in 8th grade. Two weeks to the day before my 8th grade graduation. I didn't get to attend the ceremony. I wasn't too unhappy about not wearing the dress that my mom and aunt bought me. I didn't like it at all. It was too fussy and I was a tomboy.

4. As you can tell my aunt was very much involved in my life. She was my dad's sister and more like a grandmother than aunt to me. She wanted a daughter and only had one son who lived. She had a daughter that she lost in infancy. I learned early how to get what I wanted by hinting to my aunt. She has been gone several years now, but lived to be almost 96 and I was as close to her when she passed away as I always was. I miss her a lot.

5. Early in my childhood I stopped wanting to hug anyone. It may be because my parents forced it, or maybe because my dad and his mom dipped snuff (nasty stuff), or because I didn't want my friends to see and get embarrassed (I was a very shy child). After I became an adult, I was in a couple situations where I had to learn to accept a hug. Now it comes naturally to me and I enjoy it. But I still don't hug my parents unless they start it (and not often because they know how I am). It's weird that I am not comfortable hugging them but I can hug people I haven't known long.

Well now you know my secrets.

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Ai said...

Thanks Jeanne for sharing some personal stories. I think people are different. I love head massage but I hate my wet hair being blown by the extremely hot air as well. I wonder why I have to pay someone to torture my hair eventhough the end result looks nice. I am glad you can give me a hug if one day we meet.

BTW, you can tag up to 5 more people too if you would like.