Friday, March 14, 2008

Mary of Burgundy

My third Masters postcard has arrived at its new home in Florida (and later will travel to Australia). Pretty bad that all my art is traveling more than I have. But I enjoy sharing art with others and receiving theirs in return.

I have almost 100 ATCs and a good start on postcards. I bought some dollar store albums (many) in preparation for the postcards I hope to get now and in the future. This way they stay safe and I can let others look thru them without fear of damage. The ATCs are in baseball card plastic sheets and I have them in a binder. I have one for the ATCs that I make and another for what I receive. In the album you can see the backs of each card and read where they came from.

Here is the Masters project postcard. It is Mary of Burgundy by Michael Pacher.


Laurel Neustadter said...

You are doing a fantastic job on this series. What medium did you use for ths one?

Joan said...

Jeanne - This looks almost like a mosaic. How did you do it?

Jo Castillo said...

Just beautiful.

Ai said...

I love her profile line. It was such an interesting curve line and make her face looks so beautiful and peaceful at the same time.