Monday, March 17, 2008

More Masters

I have two more Master's postcards ready to go in the mail tomorrow. One will be on the way to France and the second to Oklahoma. I'm getting kind of sad as I have only about 8 more to do. I'm not ready for them to be done. I am ready for another project to start.
Today was a beautiful day for weather. It was supposed to be cold, but it was very warm with a slight breeze. I sat outside with my art supplies for about 3 hours while the dogs played. It was so nice, I almost fell asleep. I plan to stay out some more tomorrow.
Wednesday the plein air outing will be at the San Clemente Mission. The first trip there was in January when it was too cold. Most of the time was spent on a tour which was nice but left little time for art. I wasn't able to make that one. Too soon after the knee surgery. So I will be going this time. I am getting around better all the time so the outings will be more fun for me.


Joan said...

I would love to be going to the San Clemente Mission. What a wonderful idea for a plein air!! Can't wait to see what you do there. I wouldn't want to do a tour...just put me there and let me paint! lol

Jo Castillo said...

I'm happy that you are getting around better. Enjoy the day and paint/sketch all you can.