Monday, September 01, 2008

Drawspace Safari ATC Exchange

Here are my cards that I sent for the Drawspace Safari ATC Exchange. I just posted these on the forum even though they have not all arrived.


starrgirl's world said...

These are wonderful, Jeanne! Beautiful drawings! I think I need to link to you!

You asked me about the ACEO deck of cards. They haven't come in yet, but I will have extra. I can let you know when they get here and what the cost will be if you are still interested.

I'll be back - this is great work!

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, these are soooo nice. I like the zebra because I just love horses I guess. Just beautiful.

Kaly said...

what a lovely set of cards!! you do wonderfull work, I'm very pleased with my giraffe, hope you like the one I sent you as much as I love yours.
big kiss
Clara (Kaly from DS)

Beamer said...

Those are really nice. Just some amazing talent there.

I think the graphite was a good choice.


Joan said...

Jeanne, This collection is so super!!! Well done!!!