Friday, September 26, 2008


I haven't been able to get online to Wetcanvas for most of the evening. I keep getting the database error message like before. I hope it is just a short down time. I was hoping all the kinks were getting worked out.

I haven't done any art today but I did receive two ATCs in the mail today. Just like Christmas. One from Australia, one from Escondido, CA, and one from New Zealand. Beautiful cards. Totally different, but all beautiful.

After too much running around this week, I am resting my ankle for a few days. I still have to do the Virtual Sketch Date piece. Haven't started it yet. But tomorrow is reveal date so I need to get busy. Yikes.


Jo Castillo said...

Same for me on wetcanvas. I signed up for the VSD as well and just did it tonight. Jeepers this week went by quickly.

Take care of your health and ankle. Orders from headquarters!

Calico said...
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Joan said...

Jenne - I've been having problems getting on too. And then when I get on it's hit or miss if I can post anything!