Thursday, September 18, 2008

Holtby House for Norma

This is for a trade with one of my plein air group members. Some of us have decided to trade artwork. This is the second one I have done for the trade with our group. I don't know how many I need to do as we didn't have a firm count of who will be in the trade.

This gate was in front of the house we visited yesterday. A beautiful house on Holtby Street in downtown Bakersfield. The owners have only been there 4 years but have done a lot of renovations. They have a beautiful mix of the old and the new. Stainless refrigerator and new radio system mounted under the counter, and an old bread box and many other antiques scattered around. A combination that doesn't really detract from the old glamour of the house.

We were allowed to roam thru the two floors and it was amazing to see. Old hat boxes, old children's clothes and toys thruout. But the necessary flat screen tv on the very narrow mantle of an old beautiful fireplace. It did feel like going back in time. An old quilt draped on the stair rail, butter churns sitting on the kitchen floor, an old cleaning machine that looked like a really cumbersome Bissell floor sweeper. So many things to look at and hard to take it all in. Inside and out made for an artist.

In the next few days I will be posting some of the photos I took during our outing at the house. I hope you will enjoy looking as much as I did.


Joan said...

Jeanne - Your perspective on the brick post and the railing are perfect!!!! I really like this one!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous! Love the crop you chose and the color of the bricks against the bushes. Very elegant!