Saturday, September 06, 2008

Secret Art Trade

I was recently in a 5x7 colored pencil secret pal original art trade. Some of the final photos are still coming in. When different countries are involved, there is never a way to get everyone's picture to them at the same time. This trade was in Wetcanvas Colored Pencil forum. After joining, we were given the mailing address of our recipient.

I mailed mine on the Friday before the end of the month. The post office attempted to deliver on Tuesday or Wed but the recipient was not home. She had to wait a few added days for it to be redelivered. She has now gotten it and seems happy with it. She is Brattgirl.

I received my painting from artsy. She lives in Pennsylvania, Amish Country, and sent me a picture of an Amish buggy driving down a shaded country lane. It is beautiful as well as very serene. As with most colored pencil work, I have to touch. I have to put my fingers on the picture and feel the color. When I do colored pencil, it is usually thick on the paper. Hers was just like it was one layer. Every time I see one like that, it amazes me and I have to run my fingers over it.

I used a photo from the Wetcanvas RIL provided by ARTMUTT. It is her Basset hound named Penelope. She is the most gorgeous Bassett. And ARTMUTT has provided lots of photos of her for us to use. I am also doing a postcard in graphite of Penelope in another pose. This one is the third that I have used her photo to produce.

I did take a photo while I was working on Penelope. Here is that photo and the final.


Jo Castillo said...

Very nice, Jeanne. You have a nice technique.

Teresa said...

Great job, Jeanne! You captured that "droopy" Bassett look!