Tuesday, September 09, 2008


This will not be a surprise. I joined another new project on Wetcanvas. Another ATC/Postcard trade. This one is titled "Anything Goes". IrishRose started this one. I'm so glad someone besides me started this one. And I am looking forward to it.

I am almost finished with my Vacation/Holiday Dreams exchange. I think I have 6 cards left to do. I have been putting them out about one a day. I am still happy with the cards I have done. Sometimes the last cards done on a project are a little rushed. But with this one I haven't run out of steam. Still enjoying it a lot.

I am hoping a Christmas card exchange will be started. One was already filled. But I would like to do one of originals. This one was to do one card and make copies. I would rather put out originals to each person even if it means less recipients.

On Drawspace forum we are going to have a trade of "Under the Sea" ATCs. I have already started thinking about what I will do for those. Last year we had a Halloween one, but not sure if we did Christmas. And for the Toad Hollow Drawing Club I still need to do an ATC and a bookmarker for trades. Not sure when those have to be done.

With all these to do, I don't have a problem staying busy. Housework? What's that? I do art, not housework. I have my priorities in order. How about you?


Jo Castillo said...

Hi Jeanne, I love your attitude. I do not like to do housework.

Teresa said...

RE: "Housework? What's that? I do art, not housework. I have my priorities in order."

LOVE IT, LOVE IT! You go girl!!

laura said...

I love the intense blue behind your lighthouse, such an iconic image. And I love the idea of these exchanges--I'm especially sorry to have missed the Dream Vacations one; sounds like so much fun! (Can I find info on upcoming exchanges at WetCanvas?)
"I do art, not housework" is my new motto! Because we all know you can't do both!

Kaly said...

house work.....yeap I rather do art too!!!!!!!!!I don't mind if my bed hasen't been made at all...;)ironing is out of the question!!! (lol) when we need something ironed we do it at the moment, or we choose something else to wear!!!